Auslan Interpreters head to popular tourist regions

You may have seen Auslan Interpreters on many forms of media during the coronavirus crisis, now get ready to see this unique language at some of Australia’s most famous tourist sites.

The creator of Cocky Guides, Australia’s leading tour operator for blind and low vision travellers, has launched small group adventures with an onboard Auslan Interpreter for deaf travellers.

“The past two years we have been delivering engaging sensory experiences on tour for blind and low vision travellers, as word spread, I’d receive requests to tailor experiences for travellers with different needs. There are already options available for disability travel. However, our success has been to focus on tailored group experiences for a specific need, allowing us to deliver group support and create accessible tours that offer great value. It is a natural progression for us to support deaf travellers requiring an Auslan Interpreter.” said the founder of Cocky Guides, James McFarlane.

“We ran our first trip with six deaf travellers to NSW’s Shoalhaven region in July 2020, allowing us to fine-tune the teamwork between our local trip leader and our Auslan Interpreter. I was so excited that the travellers loved the experience, and later, the number of messages I received from professional tours guides that want to get involved.” said James.

Travellers are now able to take a day trip with an Auslan Interpreter from Sydney to popular regions like the Blue Mountains, Shoalhaven and Southern Highlands. Future destinations across Australia will become available as COVID border restrictions and traveller movements ease. Click here to check our current schedule and tour availability.

Innovation for under-served travellers

The founder of Cocky Guides, Australia’s leader in sensory tours for blind and low vision travellers, James (Buck) McFarlane, has launched Sensory Tourism Australia. This new venture is designed to nurture tourism innovation for travellers with specific needs.

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Image of Buck holding a tray of champagne for his travelers at an Uluru sunset.