5 travellers each with a foot in a wine barrel stomping grapes in a vinyard of the Hunter Valley.

About Us

What is Sensory Tourism

Sensory tourism is an emerging concept that presents destinations differently, with less emphasis on traditional sightseeing. Physical and multi-sensory aspects of a destination are the priority to enhance the tourism experience for blind and low-vision travellers with their other senses - hearing, taste, smell and touch.

About Sensory Tourism Australia

Sensory Tourism Australia is a leader in curating engaging itineraries for blind and low-vision travellers which showcase multi-sensory aspects of Australia’s key destinations by engaging experienced local tourism businesses in Australia.

Sensory Tourism Australia is available to consult with travellers, travel agents and businesses to create supported travel itineraries, plus ensure hotel, you and transport providers meet the needs of blind and low-vision travellers.

You can contact us via this link.

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